Borders, Boundaries, and Frames: Essays in Cultural Criticism and Cultural Studies

from the 1992 English Institute Conference

Routledge 1994

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Editor: Mae G. Henderson

Jane Marcus

Bonding and Bondage: Nancy Cunard and the Making of the Negro Anthology

Kathryn Hellerstein

In Exile in the Mother Tongue: Yiddish and the Woman Poet

Anita Haya Goldman & W.E.B. Du Bois

Comparative Identities: Exile in the Writing of Frantz Fanon

Scott L. Malcolmson

Disco Dancing in Bulgaria

Nancy K. Miller

Our Classes, Ourselves: Maternal Legacies and Cultural Authority

Sara Suleri

Criticism and Its Alterity

Wahneema Lubiano

Don’t Talk with Your Eyes Closed: Caught in the Hollywood Gun Sights

Manthia Diawara

Cultural Studies/Black Studies

The essays in this volume take up the challenge of working out – or reworking – the problematics of the borders, the boundaries and the frameworks that structure our various and multiple notions of identity – textual, personal, collective, generic, and disciplinary.

256 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches; 229 x 153 mm