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For more than seven decades The English Institute has been a major resource for developments in criticism, theory, and scholarship, while honoring traditional fields of interest and modes of literary analysis.

In 2015 The English Institute began moving its annual meeting around the country.

Three institutions will now host The English Institute conference: Yale University (2015 and 2018), the University of Chicago (2016 and 2019), and the University of California at Irvine (2017 and, originally scheduled, 2020).

Founded in 1939, the English Institute first held its meetings at Columbia University. Between 1972 and 2014, it enjoyed the hospitality of Harvard University, as well as two decades of generous funding from the Harvard President’s office.

The trustees and the members of the board of supervisors are grateful to Harvard for its long support, and to our three new university partners for their continuing endorsement.

In October 2022, we convened our annual meeting in person at The University of California Irvine for talks and discussion on literature and its history, circulation, and reception. Stay tuned for updates about The English Institute 80th Meeting at Yale University in Fall 2023!

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