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A Brief History of the English Institute

English Institute Supervisory Board




Frances Ferguson
University of Chicago
Conference Chair
Kyla Wazana Tompkins

Pomona College
Susan Bianconi
Yale University

Martin Harries
University of California, Irvine

Kirsten Silva Gruesz
University of California, Santa Cruz

Sandra Macpherson
Ohio State University

Victoria Kahn
University of California, Berkeley
Meredith McGill
Rutgers University

Seth Lerer
University of California, San Diego

Debrorah Nelson
University of Chicago

Douglas Mao (ex officio)
Johns Hopkins University


Michael Warner
Yale University

Sangeeta Ray
University of Maryland


Paul Saint-Amour
University of Pennsylvania



R. John Williams
Yale University


Jonathan Arac
University of Pittsburgh


Jonathan Culler
Cornell University


Jane Gallop
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee



Marjorie Garber
Harvard University


William Germano
The Cooper Union

Jacqueline Goldsby
Yale University

Andrew Parker
Rutgers University


Peter Stallybrass
University of Pennsylvania