The English Institute 2012

Conference Schedule

Friday, September 7

2:00 p.m. Jean-Michel Rabaté, University of Pennsylvania
“The Ex in ‘Text’: Revisiting Barthes’s Textuality”
3:30 p.m. Mary Carruthers, New York University
“Recollection, Translation, and the Material Text”
Saturday, September 8
9:30 a.m. Group Discussion: Roland Barthes, “From Work to Text” (1971); Jorge Luis Borges, “Aleph” (1945)
11:00 a.m. Gauri Viswanathan, Columbia University
“Heterodoxy and Textuality: Reading the Exoteric, Retrieving the Esoteric”
2:00 p.m. Rebecca Schneider, Brown University
“Acting in Ruins”
3:30 p.m. Michael Silverstein, University of Chicago
“The Voice of Jacob: Entextualization, Contextualization, and Identity”
Sunday, September 9
9:00 a.m. David Scott Kastan, Yale University
“The Body of the Text”
10:30 a.m. Bill Brown, University of Chicago
71st Session, 2012
Harvard University
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September 7-9, 2012
Past Conferences Date: 
Friday, September 7, 2012 to Sunday, September 9, 2012