The English Institute 1992

Borders, Boundaries, and Frames

51st Session
August 27-30, 1992
Longfellow Hall
13 Appian Way
Harvard University

The Semiotics of Exile

MAE HENDERSON, University of Chicago
Directed The Semiotics of Exile

HENRY LOUSE GATES, JR., Harvard University
The Welcome Table: Remembering James Baldwin

JANE MARCUS, CUNY Graduate Center
Modernist Radicalism in Exile: Sexual Dissidents and Political Deviants

KATHRYN HELLERSTEIN, University of Pennsylvania
In Exile in the Mother Tongue: Yiddish and the Woman Poet

Autobiography as Criticism

K. ANTHONY APPIAH, Harvard University
Directed Autobiography as Criticism

NANCY K. MILLER, CUNY Graduate Center
Our Classes, Our Selves

SARA SULERI, Yale University
Criticism and Its Alterity


Race and Media Culture

Directed Race and Media Culture

WAHNEEMA LUBIANO, Princeton University
Don’t Talk With Your Eyes Closed: Criticism and Black Film

CAMERON BAILEY, Toronto, Ontario
The Circulation of Race in American Pornography

MANTHIA DIAWARA, University of Pennsylvania
Cultural Studies: Black Studies, Feminism and Film Studies

Les Fins de Siècle

ELAINE SCARRY, Harvard University
Directed Les Fins de Siecle

MARGRETA DE GRAZIA, University of Pennsylvania
Numbered Days: Sonnets in the 1950s

LEO BRAUDY, University of Southern California
Unturning the Century: the Missing Decade of the 1690s

HELEN VENDLER, Harvard University
Fin-de-Siècle Lyric: Yeats and Graham

Borders, Boundaries, and Frames
51st Session, 1992
Publication Date: 
Monday, April 13, 2015
Harvard University
Date of publication: 
August 27-30, 1992
Past Conferences Date: 
Thursday, August 27, 1992 to Sunday, August 30, 1992