The English Institute 1993

Performativity and Performance

52nd Session
August 26-29, 1993
Longfellow Hall
13 Appian Way
Harvard University


PETER STALLYBRASS, University of Pennsylvania
Directed Catharsis

STEPHEN ORGEL, Stanford University
The Play of Conscience

ANDREW FORD, Princeton University
Katharsis: The Ancient Problem

ELIN DIAMOND, Rutgers University
Body/Embodiment: The Shudder of Catharsis in Modernist and Postmodernist Performance

Performing Medicine, Performing Disease

ANDREW PARKER, Amherst College
Directed Performing Medicine, Performing Disease

CATHY CARUTH, Yale University
Traumatic Awakenings

KAREN NEWMAN, Brown University
Contemporary Fetal Politics, Medical Representation, and the Enlightenment

CINDY PATTON, Temple University
Against Epistemology

Politics of Theater

JOHN BRENKMAN, Baruch College and CUNY Graduate Center
Directed Politics of Theater

SANDRA L. RICHARDS, Northwestern University
Performance and Black Literary Canons

JOSEPH ROACH, New York University
Culture and Performance in the Circum-Atlantic World

COPPÉLIA KAHN, Brown University
Shakespeare’s Fatal Cleopatra

Performativity and Performance

EVE SEDGWICK, Duke University
Directed Performativity and Performance

K. ANTHONY APPIAH, Harvard University
Directed Performativity and Performance

TIMOTHY GOULD, Metropolitan College, Denver
The Unhappy Performative

SCOTT MACOMSON, Village Voice Literary Supplement
Disco Dancing in Bulgaria

JUDITH BUTLER, Johns Hopkins University and University of California, Berkeley
Burning Acts

Performativity and Performance
52nd Session, 1993
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Monday, April 13, 2015
Harvard University
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The English Institute 1993
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Thursday, April 1, 1993 to Friday, April 2, 1993