The English Institute 1996

Public Fantasy:

New Work on the Role of Fantasy in Collective Imagination

55th Session
Friday - Sunday
October 11-13, 1996
Longfellow Hall
13 Appian Way
Harvard University

What is the role of fantasy in collective imagination – in the social institutions, media technologies, and aesthetics of identity that shape the public sphere? Bringing together disciplines as diverse as politics, visual culture, literature, and philosophy, the 1996 English Institute program explored such recurrent public fantasies as race, sex, and subjectivity – as effects of history and preoccupations of contemporary culture.

Racial Imaginaries

JUDITH BUTLER, University of California, Berkeley
Directed Racial Imaginaries

SAIDIYA HARTMAN, University of California, Berkeley
Belated Encounters on the Gold Coast

HOMI BHABHA, University of Chicago
The Nearness of You: Proximity, Anxiety, and the Emergence of Minority

Erotic Arts

LEE EDELMAN, Tufts University
Directed Erotic Arts

Stein’s Posthumous Porn

CONSTANCE PENLEY, University of California,Santa Barbara
From Casting Couch to The Sperminator: Porn Knocks-Off Hollywood

LEO BERSANI, University of California, Berkeley
Caravaggio’s Secrets

Mediated Publics

DIANA FUSS, Princeton University
Directed Mediated Publics

THOMAS KEENAN, Princeton University
Live Feed: War, Humanitarianism, and Television

KOBENA MERCER, New York University
Hetero-Ethnic Anxieties: Interracial Coupling as Object of Fear and Fantasy in Responses to Tongues Untied

PATRICIA WHITE, Swarthmore College
Pathetic Queers: Affect, Audience, and Independent Media

Collective Memories

K. ANTHONY APPIAH, Harvard University
Directed Collective Memories

MARIANNE HIRSCH, Dartmouth College
Projected Memory: Holocaust Photographs in Personal and Public Fantasy

MARGARET HOMANS, Yale University
Queen Victoria’s Memorial Arts

Public Fantasy
55th Session, 1996
Publication Date: 
Friday, April 10, 2015
Harvard University
Date of publication: 
October 11-13, 1996
Conferences Subject: 
New Work on the Role of Fantasy in Collective Imagination
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Friday, October 11, 1996 to Sunday, October 13, 1996